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Career Opportunities

If your municipality has a career opportunity let us know so we add i
City of Carrollton Police Department
Detention Officer– A Shift # 2228
Requisition #781421
City of Carrollton TX

City of Grand Prairie Police Department
Detention Officer
Job Number FY17-00298
Grand Prairie TX

City of DeSoto Police Department
DeSoto TX

City of Frisco Police Department
Detention Officer
Frisco TX
City of Denton Police Department
Civilian Jailer
Denton TX

City of The Colony Police Department
Detention Officer
The Colony TX

Eastfield College is wanting you to attend this core competency training.

Chris Watley with Eastfield College is coordinating the following classes:
Eastfield College Criminal Justice Training Center will be holding the following corrections courses:
Suicide Detection and Prevention in Jails on Thursday, July 6, 2017 $40
Use of Force in a Jail Setting Tuesday, July 18 and Wednesday July 19, 2017 $80″

If you have any questions Chris is the best person to get a hold of.
Instructional Specialist III
Email Chris

Disclaimer this class is not sponsored or directly affiliated with MJAT.  We are just getting the word out

Computerized Criminal History – CCH

One of the responsibilities of municipal Detention Officers is to report offense information that is sent to The Texas Department of Public safety. This in conjunction with fingerprints and demographic information creates the arrestees Criminal History.
For Class C charges the offense is only reported to DPS.
For Class B and above charges, DPS reports the information to the FBI.

This is a general overview and is no subsitute for training and experience.

Reporting can be done electronically or manually. This information with fingerprints is the creation or the addition of the arestees RAP. RAP – Record of Arrest and Prosecution.

Offense Codes, I recommend using the spread sheet DPS provides. All documents are searchable. We have a sheet with our most frequently used offenses at our department and class C offense codes near our live scan fingerprint machine.

“Each offense code is associated with the specific Texas Statute and Citation where the level and degree of the offense is stated. The version of the offense codes is updated after every legislative session and the most up to date and current list of the offense codes can be found on this page.” – DPS website

The guide to completing the CR-43 [charge], CR-44 [additional charges] and how to make corrections.

The page where you can find out what abbreviations are used for reporting codes. This can be intimidating to new Detention Officers.

Consular Notification

Immigration has become a very prominent social, political and detention topic. MJAT is not a political organization however every agency should have Consular notification process in place.

Our agency has made consular notification part of the booking process. Magistrates also will ask the same questions during arraignment. We do it at booking.

I recommend ordering the guides and pocket cards from State as it will be a quick reference for staff. 

This is a basic overview of how the process works:
1. The arrestee is asked if they are a US citizen.
2. If they answer No we ask what Country they are a citizen of.
3. We print out a Consular Notification form. The guide has forms is different languages if needed.
4. We have the arrestee read and sign the form as their notification.
5. If the arestee wants their consulate notified we fax a cover sheet and the notification form to the respective consulate. For mandatory countries we fax the form.
We have added the forms in English and Spanish to our RMS system so we can print them out with the arestees demographic information.

TL:DR Mandatory Consular notification is required for foreign nationals arrested or detained. Some Countries have optional and mandatory notification. 


The Municipal Jail Association of Texas

In 2002 the Garland, Richardson, Plano and Irving police departments unified to provide training for their respective Detention staff. The vision was to provide core competency training to Municipal Detention Officers who fell outside state mandated training for TCOLE licensing required of county jailers.

The cornerstones of MJAT have been fellowship, training and professional development of the Detention Officer profession. For those of us who work in the local jails it is more than a job it is a calling. We reduce city liability by being first responders as well as being the professional who has a direct impact on the people that pass through our respective facilities. The people we interact with may have never been to jail before or on their way to the penitentiary. The Detention Officer can offer “guidance” and assurance their safety and rights will be protected.

MJAT is not currently offering any training.

Topics that will be of interest to you or your agency:
Courtroom testimony and demeanor
Defensive tactics
Drug and gang recognition
Inmate search and contraband control
Inmate rights and privledges
Mental health recognition
Report writing
Suicide prevention and detection

MJAT would like to thank the following agencies for their rescent commitments:
Corpus Christi City Detention Center.
Dallas Marshal’s office.
Denton police department.
DeSoto police department.
Grand Prairie police department.
The Colony police department.

We look forward to adding your agency to the list.

If you have tried to get in contact with MJAT or have applied for membership and not heard back contact me by e-mail.
Charles “Chuck” Mutch [Carrollton Detention Center Supervisor]

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