Consular Notification

Immigration has become a very prominent social, political and detention topic. MJAT is not a political organization however every agency should have Consular notification process in place.

Our agency has made consular notification part of the booking process. Magistrates also will ask the same questions during arraignment. We do it at booking.

I recommend ordering the guides and pocket cards from State as it will be a quick reference for staff. 

This is a basic overview of how the process works:
1. The arrestee is asked if they are a US citizen.
2. If they answer No we ask what Country they are a citizen of.
3. We print out a Consular Notification form. The guide has forms is different languages if needed.
4. We have the arrestee read and sign the form as their notification.
5. If the arestee wants their consulate notified we fax a cover sheet and the notification form to the respective consulate. For mandatory countries we fax the form.
We have added the forms in English and Spanish to our RMS system so we can print them out with the arestees demographic information.

TL:DR Mandatory Consular notification is required for foreign nationals arrested or detained. Some Countries have optional and mandatory notification.